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Submit your music to Thousands of Music Venues and Playlists.

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The kind folks at Top Left Booking have added Bruxism onto 3 of their playlists! It means so much that these guys have put so much faith into this track and it would be ace if you guys gave them a follow and listened to some great upcoming artists that I get the pleasure of joining in this playlist

Matt Woodman

“Awesome team. Very helpful, kind, and genuinely indie-artist friendly. They’ve done so much for Conversing with Oceans. Thanks guys! ”

Alex Bondarev

Reliability is a word that in today’s Music business lost a lot of his original meaning. Top Left Booking bring the meaning of the word back.

Cosmin Traian Marica

Un grand merci à Studio Simone qui a accompli un travail d’orfèvre, le résultat va bien au delà de mes espérances!

Jon Onj

🌍 “This is love” is now part of the DIY Discover Spotify playlist which promotes independent French music!

Thanks to the team of Top Left Booking for sharing! 💖

Top Left Booking is excellent with playlist placement. I also find them to be very supportive and friendly in all communication. Highly recommended!

Michael Patrick Wall

Top Left Booking is the absolute best service I’ve personally used for playlist promotion and a large selection of helpful connects that have helped me elevate my music game. Top Left takes a personal approach and are completely transparent in their processes.

You get real people helping in real time. They are the most reasonably priced and the results speak for themselves. If you’re on the fence then go ahead and jump in, it’ll be an extremely wise investment in yourself!! I’m always a return customer on release day!!

Zak Jones

Amazing people very insightful and personable definitely recommend

Terrence Trane Price (Trane)

They are always so supportive! ♥️

Jana Vollenweider


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  • 3000+ Music Venues
  • 2000+ Spotify Playlists
  • 1,000+ YouTube Playlists
  • 1,000+ Apple Music Playlists
  • 1,000+ Music Blogs
  • How To Book Paid Shows
  • Email Templates & Guides
  • Keep 100% Every time

Music Career Platform

Submit your music to Thousands of Music Venues and Playlists!