January 5, 2021

With Spotify’s popularity quickly catching up to Apple Music, you might want to create your own Spotify Playlist sooner than later...

Not only is a Playlist a great way to share the songs and artists you love, but you can also use your own Playlists to promote your music.

Imagine this… you create 1 Spotify Playlist and grow it 5,000 listeners.

Now every time you drop a new song, you can promote your music instantly to 5,000 people. (FOR FREE!)

So How do you create a Spotify Playlist?

Follow these easy steps!

Create and Edit a Spotify Playlist

Step 1. Create The Playlist

On Desktop:

Open your Spotify desktop app and find the left menu bar. Under “Your Library” you will find the “Playlists” section.

There you will notice a “New Playlist” option. 

Click "New Playlist" and a pop-up window will appear.

Here you will name the playlist and add a short description for it. 

Click “Create” and your new empty playlist has now been created.

On Mobile:

To create a playlist in Spotify mobile app, you need to tap into “Your Library” and then tap on “Create New Playlist”.

Name your new playlist so you can automatically find it on all of your devices and then tap "Create."

Step 2. Add Songs To Your Playlist

On Desktop:

If you already have specific songs that you would like to add to your new playlist, use the search bar to find them.

Once you have found the song on Spotify. Click the three dots next to the song and from the menu choose the option “Add to a Playlist”. 

Follow the same process for every song that you want to add. You can also add a whole album at once.

On Mobile:

You can click "add songs" or "search" for the songs you would like to add to your new playlist.

Add a song manually by clicking the "Plus" icon that appears to the right of the song.

You can add songs and entire albums on mobile too.

3. Edit Your Playlist

On Desktop:

If you want to remove songs from your playlist, you can do that by simply "right-clicking" or "three dots" on the song you want to remove and click the “Remove Song from the Playlist” option. 

You can also edit the playlist, like it, share it, make it secret, collaborative, or even delete your playlist by clicking the "three dots."

On Mobile:

On your mobile device, tap the “Your Library” option and find the name of the playlist you want to edit. 

On Mobile:

Tap the "three dots" on the top righthand corner to “Edit”.

This enables you to share your playlist, delete it, make it secret, and more.

On Mobile:

To delete a song, tap the "three dots" next to the song and then tap "remove from this playlist."

On Mobile:

To delete a song, tap the "three dots" next to the song and then tap "remove from this playlist."

4. Finish & Share Your Playlist!

Don't forget to share your new playlist when you are finished. Follow these simple steps and create your own Spotify playlist today!

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